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Heart Surgery to Ironman – Spring Training

8 Jun

The main reason for this blog is recording my journey from having heart surgery last year all the way though to completing an Ironman race so here is my latest update! After completing the London marathon in April, my training took on a triathlon flavour! My first race of the season was the New Forest triathlon – an (nearly) olympic distance race. This was my third triathlon, with the last race being nearly 2 years ago.

Previous to this race, I’d had limited time on the bike, only a few sessions in the pool but plenty of time on my feet! For that reason, I took it steadily in the lake swim and exited the water feeling fresh. On the bike, I loved cycling through the beautiful New Forest. The scenery was stunning and although the wind was up, it was a steady ride. Onto the run, I felt a little challenged by some of the ‘undulating’ course, but finished the second half of the 10k on a high and even managed a sprint finish!

A year ago, completed a triathlon seemed a long way away. Getting back to a previous level of fitness was a goal to keep me motivated. Now I feel I have achieved that and am headed towards new levels of fitness! With a new and improved heart, breathing feels easier, post exercise tiredness is now what I’d call ‘normal’ and the hideous blue / purpleness has gone!

All was going well with training, despite work being so busy. If racing meant only having two hours sleep, then I did it! Missing a session was not an option, even if I was excessively tired. Keep going, keep pushing, I kept repeating to myself. If you are going to attempt an Ironman, you have to get used to tiredness, pain and pyschological challenges.

What I forgot to do amongst all this was take time off. This resulted in a small burn-out, loss of rational thinking, being unable to get up in the mornings. Small decisions became high mountains to climb. A holiday (was well as regular days off) was needed. So we did, and headed off to Dubai for 10 days.

On our return, work was even worse and sheer determination has kept me ticking over with training. I now have an amazing coach, who is really helping with my training , opening my mind to pushing myself further and taking the headache out of planning sessions. I am so excited about the future and planning my Ironman. There is so much choice with races and as you have to apply a year in advance, the clock is ticking! Favourites are the moment are Austria, Florida or the new IM NYC!

Decision to be announced soon!