6 Months Since Heart Surgery

23 Dec

Today is my 6 month anniversary since my heart surgery. Amongst the Christmas preparations, I have taken time to consider what has happened in the last year and what I would like to achieve in the next few months.

The challenges of 2011, starting with the London marathon and ending with a half Ironman distance race in September (Vitruvian) give me targets to aim for and the motivation to get out and exercise on ‘off’ days.  Heart surgery has taken away a little of my faith in my body as I am afraid to push boundaries to the extent I was before. However, I have so much more determination than I did pre-surgery as I feel I have something to prove to myself – that I can achieve the times and distances I believe I can do. The realisation of what I have physically overcome this year plays on my mind.

Striking a balance between commitment to work, financial income and business development as opposed to fitness training will be a challenge, but one I welcome. I am a firm believer in the fact that more you do, the more you are capable of. This month has been the busiest ever with events so my December fitness goals fell behind. I am not beating myself up as I have continued to exercise whenever I could. January brings a time to organise and orchestrate the rest of the year and reflect on what I am grateful for. I have a list on my desk which I look at regularly, and this helps me focus.

A few words about my scar, 6 months on. Over the cold winter months, it hasn’t been an issue in terms of people starring. A few times, I have felt a twinge of envy seeing a woman with cleavage out! The support I have had online has been incredible, as well as my friends and family. My scar is my story and of both of these, I am very proud.

Merry Christmas everyone and an extremely healthy, active and prosperous 2011!

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  1. Vince Samios 01. Jan, 2011 at 10:00 am #

    I think we were in hospital at around the same time, and 6 months on I’m also lacking faith and confidence in my body. I used to be quite flippant about broken bones, but now I’ve snapped my own leg so badly from such a tiny accident, I find myself second guessing my physicality in almost every way. It seems so simple for something to go so majorly wrong!

    While I understand I’m recovering far faster than average, which I know you are as well, I’m still finding it really frustrating. I keep pushing and pushing at the limits of what I can do, but progress still seems painfully slow.

    An ex-girlfriend of mine never wore bikini’s because she had a foot long scar across her stomach – a real shame, she had a stunning body and I think its the imperfections that make beauty.

    Two very different surgeries, many many overlapping themes. Crack on :-)

  2. admin 03. Jan, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

    Experiences like these put things into perspective, that’s for sure. I think it’s beneficial to lose that complacency about physical abilities, it’s much more enjoyable to test the boundaries after a set-back. A slow recovery is very frustrating but as long as you are moving forward, that’s all that counts! I find it interesting that so many women allow self-counsciousness about a scar take over. I can totally see why but don’t experience embarrassment myself. Since I was diagnosed and faced the prospect of heart surgery and the inevitable scar, my only thoughts were on getting back to full health / fitness. It is my inner strength that has taken a knock but I’m fighting it every day!

    Thanks for your comment.


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