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Seven Secrets To a Rich and Successful Life

27 Feb

Seven Secrets To A Rich and Successful Life

1. Positivity

Be positive in all you do, all you think and all you say. Be careful what you tell yourself, your inner voice is often the most influential. Take time to consider your thoughts and feelings. These tell you how you are affected by the world around you. Control your actions by learning to focus on positive thoughts everyday. This takes time and practice, but is worth every minute.

2. Negativity

Remove negative aspects of your life. If friends or family members provide unconstructive criticism, ignore this advice. Block out your own negative voice, problems with self-confidence and replace with positive thoughts. Try to avoid using excuses, either to yourself or spoken outloud to others. Above all else, ban the word ‘can’t’.

3. Get Inspired

Read inspiring books by authors in a field that interests you greatly. Watch films that will cause a stir in your beliefs, research your choices carefully. I can recommend several great films to make a difference in your life. Consider a lifecoach to help with your success planning and to evaluate your progress to obtaining the happiness you deserve.

4. Environmental Factors

Surround yourselves with people who have qualities you aspire to. For example, if you desire riches, work in a high-end market in business, move to the best house or flat you can afford in an area you know to be affluent. This will have the effect of raising your standards and, before you know it, you’ll be earning the riches you surround yourself with.

5. Passion

Focus on something that you are passionate about. Whether a job, business, sport or family, do what makes you happy and tell the world about your passion. You never know where this may take you, humans are drawn to passionate people and listen to sincere advice from experts in their chosen field. Instead of chasing money, let your enthusiasm for a subject you love lead you to riches.

6. Your Plan

Make a clear list of your life goals and break these down into yearly achievements to aim for. Create a plan with quantitifiable and specific targets, implement this plan and make continued commitment to all it entails. Develop a strategy to help you pick yourself up when life throws you off course. Everyone has a bad day or troubled chapter, this is when trusted friend, supportive family and a mental strength can keep you focused on success. Commitment, dedication and determination are essential for a rich and successful life.

7. The Power Of A Smile

Smile. Everyday, when alone, to friends, and to strangers in the street. Sounds simple but oh so effective. Remember, you get one shot at life so make the most of your talents, gifts and passions. You have the power to create the life of your dreams, a smile will make this all the more easy!

The above seven secrets have enabled me to work towards a rich and successful life. This means different things for different people. ‘Riches’ does not simply apply to financial rewards. Effective relationships, a happy family, a fulfilling career; these are all aspects to add richness to your life.

To be successful is to achieve your goals in life, personally, professionally and psychologically.

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Inspiration and Idols

26 Feb

Women in sport intrigue me. When pushing your body to it’s limit, how does this make you strong mentally, what lessons do you learn about yourself and how can you apply this knowledge to other challenges in life?

Two women who inspire me:


Chrissie Wellington.

For those who don’t k now, Chrissie is three time world champion Ironman. In an interview, Chrissie expressed how women with body issues depress her. Her mission is to inspire others to unlock their hidden sporting talents.

“The gender boundaries that exist in other sports don’t exist in triathlon. And I love that.” Chrissie always portrays an image of positivity, smiling, enjoying her job, never complaining. How many people do you know like that? I can think of 2 or 3 and they never fail to make me smile. Surrounding yourself with optimistic people really does have a profound influence on your own well-being.

Chrissie has recently become patron of the Jane Tomlinson Appeal, which leads on to my next inspiring woman.


Jane Tomlinson

“Jane raised over £1.85million through a series of gruelling challenges including several long-distance bike rides, marathons, triathlons and a full Ironman triathlon. Since her death the charity that she founded has announced a new fundraising target of £5million.” Wikipedia

Marathons and triathlons are part of my life, therefore I relate to Jane’s focus on these athletic challenges. I think of Jane whenever on a particularly difficult run or race, each thought of Jane’s strength against such adversity propels my legs further.

 These are just two women who I aspire to. Many of my friends and family cause me to stop and question a natural instinct to think negatively. I cannot stress enough the important of keeping inspiring figures in mind and surrounding yourself with the kind of person you’d like to be. In my case, this doesn’t necessarily mean world-class athletes, but local triathletes and friends, business people, those who have achieved in life or those working towards success.

Simple, but effective!

Hole in My Heart

25 Feb

Watch the video below - it’s release is spookily relevant to my life at the moment!

Hole in my Heart

A cheesy, Alphabeat tune, but made me laugh when  I heard it on the radio. Do you know those moments when coincidence catches you by surprise. This is one of those moments for me.

Music has always been a huge influence on my life, as it does for many. Whether a positive period or difficult chapter in my life, music always tells the story. The song above played on the radio a couple of weeks after I was diagnosed with a hole in my heart. Just a simple coincidence that made me laugh. Funny how circumstances makes you more aware of certain phrases or a little more sensitive to comments from others.

With any kind of bad news, it’s important not to dwell on the negative aspects. I have been through a range of emotions very quickly, starting with humour, moving to sadness, then anger and now determination. With anything, positivity is VITAL to remain both mentally and physically strong. Fair enough, if you get battered down continually, it’s increasingly difficult to pick yourself. This is all the more reason to get a strategy in place for mental strength during the tough times.

My strategy is my focus on races – running and triathlon. I have entered three races this year and although I won’t be able to do the London Marathon in April as a result on my heart problem, I fully intend to compete in two triathlons later in the year. My support system includes writing about my feelings (e.g on here, in a diary), speaking to trusted friends and family and focusing on what I CAN do rather than what I CAN’T (remember this word is banned!).

So it might sound dramatic – a hole in the heart requiring surgery – but I remain positive. In some ways, I’m almost grateful as the time spent having hospital tests and consultations has given me new insight into my life. The break in training has meant I can step back and review what it is I really want. And that is, to help others, to motivate those who think they’ll never achieve. I also want to help myself achieve my goals in life, whatever is thrown at me.