Ironman 2013!

14 Dec

After Austria this year, I was so pleased I had two other big races lined up for the rest of the year. If I could have done another Ironman, I would have! These thoughts lead me to considering my plans for 2013. With Challenge Roth already in the diary, I began to search for options for another race. Having reached a point in my life where fun has priority, and having the go-ahead from a knowledgeable sports cardiologist, it was time to add another race into the mix!

Australia had always been on my life to-do list and what better reason to go than for an Ironman? IM Western Australia takes place on the second weekend in December, meaning two things: 1. A healthy gap of 5 months with Roth and 2. The race takes place in their summer!

Why 2 races? Some might say this is greedy, excessive even. The costs of racing this distance are certainly not cheap. However, given that the chance to compete in ironman will not be there forever for me, I can honestly cease this opportunity without feeling guilty. Sacrifices will be made and I will make it happen!

What will two races mean on my lifestyle? Whilst work will always have to happen, I would like to avoid an unhealthy work/life balance that I previously had. Training for an ironman has a huge impact on your life but I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by incredibly supportive people. I am touched by how the closest people to me encourage me with my choices and value my commitment to doing what I love. Without a strong support network, the experience can become more difficult and even a little lonely. After Roth, I will have a break before resuming training and building on my fitness ready for Australia. My body will have a lot to cope with and finding the right balance for training, nutrition and rest will be essential. Listening to my body will be priority or I could be headed for an almighty crash and burn!

Sharing the experience of training for an ironman is something quite special! I became close to friends during this year, doing long rides, swapping stories and sharing landmark moments such as the first 3.8k swim!

Next year, I will sharing the Roth experience with several good friends and I just can’t wait. The icing on the cake to that is that my best friend since I was 18 has slowly but surely been converted to triathlon after a great year of running marathons and first few tri’s. After a little encouragement / persuasion, we both entered Ironman Western Australia yesterday – a happy moment, even though it was 1am!! As previous party girls, it is a bit surreal to be doing this together but also massively exciting. 2013 is without doubt going to be an adventure!

When looking to make New Year’s resolutions, most of mine will be based on sports goals, swim efficiency, getting stronger on the bike, faster running, commitment to a healthy diet, getting enough sleep. But most importantly is the determination to stay happy, keep doing what I love and not losing sight of the reasons for doing what I do. Behind every successful completion of a goal is a strong reason to want to do it, the determination to see it through, the motivation to keep going when it gets tough.

3 Responses to “Ironman 2013!”

  1. Fred 14. Dec, 2012 at 4:30 pm #

    That sounds cracking but I don’t think family life will allow a second Ironman distance even if I wanted to. I’m sticking with several Olympic distance, one half marathon, 2 marathons, 2 100 mile sportives and Roth.

    I’m sure you’ll be doing most of those too

    When are you kicking off your training for Roth?

  2. Heidi 14. Dec, 2012 at 5:51 pm #

    love it :) thank you for inspiring me to not give up on my physical goals that I have set for myself. open heart surgery doesn’t have to be an ending to the things we love :) can’t wait to read about your journey!

  3. jo everett 14. Dec, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

    Wow Corinne your determination and zest for life is incredible. Good luck to you and your friend. Looking forward to the updates xx

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