London Here I Come

27 May

The big day has been and gone. How do I feel? Hard to say. Having waited for 10 weeks, I battled with frustration, anger and fear and I am finding this hard to let go of. I keep finding excuses to remain in fight mode, such as ‘I can’t relax until I get my operation date’, ‘I can’t relax until I am well enough to start running again’, ‘I feel guilty for not carrying out my everyday tasks’.

Enough of the excuses! I have succumb to my emotions, to the extent that it is affecting my outlook on life. Time to take stock and re-evaluate my situation and sift out the silver lining.

From my monthly review of my life, I find reassurance in what I have achieved in business, personally and on my annual aims. It is amazing what you do in a month, if you sit and think about your achievements.

The silver linings in the cloud of my forthcoming heart surgery are:

1. My surgeon states I will be able to run the London marathon in April next year.

2. I intend to use this blog to chart my experience over the coming weeks and months, to keep myself focused on recovery and to help others in a similar situation.

3. My fitness goals give me something to aim towards and give me the determination to pull through as soon as possible.

4. I have a great partner, family and friends around me for support.
So, London 2011, here I come. From heart patient to marathon runner, the journey starts here :)

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