Marathon Missions

27 Apr

The London Marathon is an epic, annual event in UK running. This year, 37,000 runners took part and battled through the 26.2 distance in warm temperatures. Amongst them was my friend. At age 63 and with no previous experience, Ann completed the distance in a great time.

Despite trying to give me some credit for encouragement and helping during the arduous 6 months of training, a marathon is a personal journey that only you can achieve. Physical pain, mental challenges and emotional obstacles are all part of a long distance race.

Marathons can be compared to many elements of life. These include childbirth, moving house, marriage and a metaphor for life in general. Even if you aren’t a runner (or wannabe runner), marathons can teach you a lot about the key characteristics of the successful. Determination, motivation and commitment are essential to keep the body going through several hours of physical exertion. Similarly, these qualities are required for a person to achieve a goal in life.

Application of marathon principles to life makes you strong, gives you belief in yourself and makes you hungry for more. Much like running, a taste of success is inspiring and encourages further success.

Set yourself a target in life, a goal that feels almost overwhelming. Do you doubt yourself when you imagine yourself working towards this goal? Good. That’s how it is meant to feel. Humans achieve the most when they stretch themselves and are not in a ‘comfort zone’. Your goal doesn’t have to be a marathon (although great if it is!), but something that you have never achieved so far.

My fourth marathon could be my hardest yet. With a deferred entry for next year’s London Marathon, I am hoping to run my best time yet following my planned heart surgery later this summer.

Set yourself a marathon mission today. As it says on a banner towards the end of the marathon course, ‘You are only 3 miles from history’! You could be only 3 / 6/ 12 months from history.

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