Spring Clean Your Life

11 Apr

With the joys of Spring all around and the whiff of Summer oh-s0-close, it’s easy to get carried away with thoughts of holidays, lazy days in the sun and wishing time away until your next day off.

This time of year is the best time to spring clean your life. Start with your mind. I wrote a list of goals for 2010 on the 1st January and every month, I revisit this list, re-evaluate and reconsider. My life style has changed dramatically in the last few months, and hence my goals for the year have altered.

If any obstacles present themselves through out the year, it’s not time to sling in the towel and give up the fight. It’s time to take action and kick start the fire you felt in January when setting new year resolutions with passion. The example in my life is my health, my heart problem and the impact that has had on my ability to work and exercise. Since the deterioration of my health, I have actively taken steps to make positive changes in my life. These have included: attending a personal coaching course, spending time with friends and family, moving to a more suitable property for our lifestyle and business, employing a new member of staff and finding new enthusiasm about getting better as quickly as possible.

To spring clean your life, sit down and analysis where you have come in the first 3 months of this year. Where you want to be in 3 months, 6 months and by the end of December? How will you take steps to reach these goals ( adding in positive actions)? What can you remove from your life that is hindering you in some way? This may be removing yourself from difficult family member, non-helpful friend, seeking helping to change a negative mindset about a certain aspect of your life e.g. work stress, exercise or a relationship problem. Indulge yourself with some counselling, coaching, yoga or find a partner to take up a new hobby. April is perfect for getting out and blowing away the cobwebs of the British winter.

Dust off your pride, clean out the cupboards within your mind and give your body a blast to set you up for a wonderful 2010!

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