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Body Fat and Weight Challenge Results!

12 Nov

Today is the end of the Twitter based ‘Tweigh’ challenge, and here are my results:

On 3rd September 2010 my stats were: 9 st 1 lbs, body fat of 25.8%, BMI of 20.7

Today’s stats: 8 st 11 lbs, body fat of 25.2%, BMI of 19.9

I have been careful not to obsess over weight, and focus more on burning fat. I feel great as a result! Whilst I am not overweight, I felt it was important to set myself targets to get back into shape after my operation which meant a lot of feet up on the sofa, eating the lovely chocolates I was sent! Sharing my weekly weights and stats spurred me on, as did sharing healthy eating and exercise tips.

Small goals have really kept me going since my heart surgery and I will continue to record my progress. The aim is a body fat of 23% (something I achieved back in 2007).

I have taken photos of myself to use as before and after shots, I’m not ready for these to be public just yet!!

A recent find for healthy recipes is Fitbitchuk – check it out!

From Diagnosis to Ironman

17 Mar

Back in January, I was diagnosed with a hole in my heart. Over the last two months I have had many investigations, with today being the first day I received results. I will need an operation to close the hole in my heart, as it is large and the right side of my heart is failing (!). Not nice news.

BUT, after the operation and recovery, I will be able to return to my current level of fitness and far exceed this also. My initial questions to my consultant were those relating to health, the surgery, outcomes etc. Second, came questioning about my ability to return to training for running events and triathlons. As exercise is a big part of my life, I naturally wanted to enquire how this diagnosis will impact my plans for racing this year and for the future.

My plans for marathons for this year are out, definitely. My triathlon races and the London to Brighton bike ride in mid-summer, questionable. I have paid to see my consultant privately to speed things up, for which I am lucky. Seeing a specialist in Southampton will give me the answers to my health and fitness questions. I am informed (and this information is cemented in my mind), that I will be running within 4 weeks of surgery, so long as I have a local anaesthetic procedure as opposed to open heart surgery.

Either way and under any circumstances, I am DETERMINED to remain positive and achieve my dreams of improving as an athlete, however amateur! Over the last few years, my running has improved – not greatly (and for this I now have reason!). My love of triathlon including swimming and cycling has grown and I am committed to pursuing my fitness goals. And yes, this does include Ironman.

Ironman for me symbolises the ultimate challenge, physically, psychologically and emotionally. For those that achieve this endurance challenge, the rewards are immense. I am incredibly hard to please, and this is what drives me forward. To sit back and accept or resign yourself to a seemingly gloomy fate is unproductive. You could even say that this kind of attitude is failing yourself.

My journey starts here. Crazy as it sounds, I’m excited. I am positive that the benefits of this hurdle in my life will far outway any negative implications. To test myself like never before and record my journey¬†to share my experience with others, I will not only increase my belief in my abilities to succeed but inspire others to overcome obstacles in their lives.