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London Here I Come

27 May

The big day has been and gone. How do I feel? Hard to say. Having waited for 10 weeks, I battled with frustration, anger and fear and I am finding this hard to let go of. I keep finding excuses to remain in fight mode, such as ‘I can’t relax until I get my operation date’, ‘I can’t relax until I am well enough to start running again’, ‘I feel guilty for not carrying out my everyday tasks’.

Enough of the excuses! I have succumb to my emotions, to the extent that it is affecting my outlook on life. Time to take stock and re-evaluate my situation and sift out the silver lining.

From my monthly review of my life, I find reassurance in what I have achieved in business, personally and on my annual aims. It is amazing what you do in a month, if you sit and think about your achievements.

The silver linings in the cloud of my forthcoming heart surgery are:

1. My surgeon states I will be able to run the London marathon in April next year.

2. I intend to use this blog to chart my experience over the coming weeks and months, to keep myself focused on recovery and to help others in a similar situation.

3. My fitness goals give me something to aim towards and give me the determination to pull through as soon as possible.

4. I have a great partner, family and friends around me for support.
So, London 2011, here I come. From heart patient to marathon runner, the journey starts here :)

Keyboard of Positivity

19 Mar

The Keyboard of Positivity

Earlier today I made a flippant comment about how I wish I could press a button to ‘refresh’ people and make them rethink some negative comments. After this, I came up with a concept of using different ‘buttons’ on a keyboard to banish unwanted or negative thoughts.

Consider the following buttons found on the standard computer keyboard:

Control key
Space bar
Caps lock

We can learn to associate each of these keyboard ‘buttons’ (amongst others) with certain activities that will help you implement positive thoughts.

Here are some examples:

Press ‘Refresh’ when work is getting on top of you –  associate this button with 10 minutes of yoga or an activity which relaxes your body whilst meditating your mind.

Press ‘Control’ to control feelings of hunger, shopping or nicotine cravings, by distraction therapy such as playing with a pet, writing a diary.

Feeling lazy? Not motivated to attend a planned exercise class, press ‘Tab‘ and spend 15 minutes  slowly counting to ten to regain your focus  or reason for wanting to keep fit.

Use ‘Space bar’ – take yourself physically away from a person that is irritating or upsetting you.

Backspace’ – apologise for something you said or did that you didn’t mean. Avoid angering or upsetting others, by taking back an action or hurtful words.

Unable to gain perspective on a current problem or are you overrun with negative emotions? ‘Return’ – return to a happy memory, with a person you love, a holiday destination,  a happy time in your life. Remember to lock these memories as they happen. Positive thoughts are much stronger than negative. ones

Having a disagreement with someone? Press ‘Caps lock’ to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. If anyone attempts to bring you down, stand true to yourself and protect yourself against unconstructive criticism.

Escape’ – if all the above fails, ave a back-up plan to remove yourself from your current situation. Have a weekend away planned, a spa day, massage, gym session with a friend – anything that helps you escape an overwhelming situation. Come back to the situation relaxed and rested, with a new focus.

Regular pratice of a variety of coping techniques can build up your confidence to cope with whatever difficult situations life throws at you. Every technique takes time to learn. Compare the above ‘buttons’ with learning and then perfecting a swimming stroke.  At first, you may believe the stroke is impossible to master. You learn the basics and, with practice, your technique slowly improves. Practice everyday and you can become a master, having the ability to call on coping strategies in any situation.

Without realising it, this is something I have been practising over the last few months. I can honestly say I have never felt so positive, despite many recent setbacks. Try it!