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First Flight Post Heart Surgery

26 Oct

Funny how sometimes I can completely forget about my fixed heart defect and continue life as if nothing happened! Instead on focusing on every twinge and missed beat, I am now so busy with work and life in general that I often forget about my operation. Then I get a little reminder. Something to make me remember and consider myself extremely lucky.

My recent reminder was during take-off of my first flight since my heart surgery. Over the weekend, I went to Germany to see family and I hadn’t considered the travel nor had any nerves. Once on the plane, I began to feel a little scared and looked to my partner for support. ‘Will I be ok?’ I asked him nervously. Bearing in mind I was clear to fly after 6 weeks, I had nothing to worry about. Stories about the ‘patch’ coming dislodged at attitude filled my mind and I felt very worried. All was fine and I didn’t get so much as a tiny palpitation!

Over the coming months I expect to have occasional moments of anxiety about my fixed heart, especially as I slowly increase my training and push myself further. I believe a little worry is healthy and allows you to gain perspective. I certainly had my feet firmly on the ground whilst taking off in a plane!

Heart surgery has given me time to reflect on many aspects of my life, including career aspirations, life ambitions and what makes me happy. Maybe as a result of my pondering, we have recently sold our company to focus on an exciting new business. I have also applied to start a diploma in coaching. My ambition (other than completing Ironman Florida) is to help others achieve their dreams. I also feel very privileged to be asked to be part of the IronHeart Racing Team. Check out the amazing website for inspiration overload!

Generation Y And Our Expectations

16 Mar

Generation Y – an ambiguous term for those born in the mid 1970′s onwards, or those currently in their twenties or thirties. This generation, which I belong to, as a generalisation have understanding and upbringing with digital communication, the internet and the media. With changing economic and political climates, this generation AKA the ‘MTV generation’, as a generalisation have high expectations of life. After living through an age where¬† there was a feeling that ‘anything is possible’, many people feel there is much to live up to; high flying career, travelling, wild holidays, university, adventure, getting on the property ladder.

Christine Hassler, a lifecoach, broaches this subject in her video. Her thoughts rang true with me and my life. Not often is it that the so-called Generation Y”s problems are analysed. Watch the video and consider what you expect from your life. Time to get off the treadmill??

That is exactly what I have done over the last few months. Quite literally (with a forced decrease in my running) and literally, with implementing my career ambitions, taking a different path from my profession.