The Beginning Of The Rest Of My Life!

22 Sep

BeachNo longer will I be posting about my recovery weeks – the official 12 weeks is over! So what now? The beginning of the rest of my life.  The excitement of the future and acceptance of events in the past. My mourning for months lost, finances lost, confidence lost is slowly easing and my focus again shifts to I can do. The easiest way for me to measure success is exercise. Every day during my recovery I kept a diary of how far I walked, starting with a tiddly 7 minutes and round the block.

Today I ran 6 miles, at a slow pace (12 min/miles with a couple of walk breaks) but felt good. The distance was no problem. If any slight nagging voices came into my head about wanting to run faster, I cast them aside. Right now, I’m lucky to be running and want to enjoy the joy of getting out in the fresh air and soaking up the scenery like this morning’s run (see pic!). I am great at sticking rigidly to training plans and getting psyched up for faster times and results but now is not the time to do this. I get the odd bout of chest pain if I raise my heart rate above 150/160 or push that bit too hard. I have plenty of time to work towards my goals in triathlon and running in 2011.

Speaking of which: here is my race plan options for 2011!:

Jan / Feb – Rempstone Roast duathlon series

20th Feb Brighton half marathon (got place)

March – Either Mad March triathlon in Dorset or Bournemouth Bay half marathon

17th April London Marathon (have my beloved place!)

8th May Try a tri, Dorset  or maybe New Forest Olympic on 1st May

June – London to Brighton bike ride (have place), Bournemouth pier to pier swim, maybe Summer Sizzler tri in Dorset

July – Bournemouth Olympic, London Triathlon (have place)

August – not sure about this one. Maybe Hyde Park on 6/7th or Swanage on 14th

September is 70.3 time! Options are New Forest middle distance 25th Sept, Vitruvian. Depending on pennies there are some M-Dot events abroad (New York, Mexico, Canada, New Hampshire!!!)
Have entered pre-reg for the Great North Run as well

All very exciting.

The above plans were jotted down for this year but my heart had a ‘mechanical’, so to speak! My mind never stopped believing in my ability to achieve, hence the endless frustration and disappointing times despite good training. I have many people around me who provide great inspiration. These include my friend who ran the London marathon for the first time this year, despite injury and an age 0f 63. We run together regularly and she really keeps my spirits up. Also, a new training friend inspires me – she has taken up triathlon despite health problems. It’s great to have strong people around you. I love following stories on Twitter about people who have gone from overweight and unfit to triathletes qualifying for Kona world championships! When in the pool, on the bike or out on a run, I imagine I am Chrissie Wellington and all seems effortless and easy! Role models are amazing motivation.

Check out this for motivation:

For most people, it is difficult to make a living out of sport unless you are gifted and have the determination to work excessively hard. But everyone can use sport to improve the rest of your life. Like holidays, sporting events give you something to look forward to and work towards.

7 Responses to “The Beginning Of The Rest Of My Life!”

  1. paul 23. Sep, 2010 at 8:18 am #

    great to hear about your recovery & exciting plans for next year. I’ll stop complaining about a sore knee now, puts things in perspective!

  2. bikerly 23. Sep, 2010 at 11:49 am #

    I’d say YOU are a pretty amazing role model. I’ll be cheering you on through my computer screen! Go Corinne Go!

  3. Seb 23. Sep, 2010 at 12:33 pm #

    Hey Corinne, this is an awesome list of events that you want to do. Its also inspiring for everyone that reads it. Keep going and I’ll see you soon. Well Done.

  4. Eric Hutchins 23. Sep, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

    An amazing story and you are also a talented writer. I love to hear and feel the optimism in your “voice”. Good luck have fun, keep writing.

  5. Donna D @donna_de 24. Sep, 2010 at 9:40 am #

    I am so excited for you and your 2011 plans. And I love that you run with thanks. I wish more people could read your message, be grateful that they can run, and be so positive about being active. Inspiring. I love keeping in touch via Twitter, and look forward to continuing to find motivation whenever I read your tweets / blog!


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