Week 4 Recovery

26 Jul

Four weeks into my recovery and I seem to have slowed. Not being able to compare myself to others, I often find it hard to measure my progress. I have spent time on the internet, searching for others who have gone through open heart surgery to then return to exercise. There was so much to read! Endless stories of those who had conquered their dreams after heart surgery, transplant or even near death experiences. My thoughts soon drifted to longer term goals i.e. an Ironman and I have begun to plan my steps. Having something amazing to aim for is the ultimate motivation when feeling sorry for yourself.

My daily walks keep me active and although things aren’t moving as fast as I’d like, my body is teaching me the importance of patience. For huge achievements, there must be an element of sacrifice, pain and determination. The process itself must offer some enjoyment and at regular intervals you should take stock of what you have achieved. Every month, I write a journal which details my successes in my personal life, in business and in my yearly aims. I also review my targets set the previous month and highlight any ongoing or new areas for improvement. When meticulously going over all your monthly actions, you will realise what can be achieved.

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