Weeks 5 And 6 – Walking My Way Back To Health

5 Aug

All this walking has given me time to consider the benefits of gentle exercise. Yes, I have been increasing the distance and speed of my walks and have the inevitable aches and pains but I have to say, I have really enjoyed myself! Rather than a chore, getting out in the open air is refreshing, doesn’t hurt like my lung-busting running sessions and gives me vital reflection time. Either with my iPod or just my thoughts, walks have become a time to unwind.

I didn’t think not working would be as hard as it has been. The problem with our work/life set-up is there is no distinction between the two sections. Working from home means I struggle to escape the pressure pouring out of the office where my partner is busy pulling his hair out with stress! This means my walks are a great time to get out and relax. I realise this is what I used to do when following a training plan working up to a race. My run or gym session in the evening was a de-stress mechanism. With a multitude of people reminding me to take it steady and not do too much, I have to remember that there is a thin line between recovery and sitting on your bum, watching TV and eating chocolate! Not productive by anyone’s standards!

My nursing background has given me insight into the different ways people handle illness and recovery back to health. This also applies to childbirth, I have witnessed woman almost breeze through labour and others appear to suffer the worst kind of torture. My desire to get back to a previous level of fitness is almost powering my body to achieve more than is expected after heart surgery. I have read stories of elite athletics up and about the day after major heart surgery and back training again within 2 weeks. I am most certainly not elite, but I like to think my fitness levels have helped me in this process.

Running is officially allowed in 2 weeks. Can’t wait!

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