Wise Words From Younger Brother

9 Mar

After a long discussion with my brother last night about our different aspirations, career and life ambitions, he sent me some wise words after our conversation:

“Don’t forget, big sister of mine, that all this energy you are using up will be wasted if you don’t have a direction and goals. Don’t try to do everything at once. What do you want to achieve in 5 years? Does that fit in with what Damon wants? And don’t forget that you can be successful and still have time to relax and have fun!”

 OK, so this may in slightly tongue-in-cheek advice, but I thought the final sentence was salient to my current mission. I passionately believe your work, job, career or calling can be fun and fit in with your ‘play time’. I aim to become a qualified life coach this year which will involve learning new skills on courses, reading and networking. I hope to draw on my experience working with people as a nurse and midwife. But ultimately, I desire a vocation that incorporates my passion to communicate a positive attitude to life, health, exercise and mental well-being. After many years spent searching for a career that completely satisified all of my wishes, I finally feel I have found something I can be successful at, whilst still having fun and taking time to enjoy my numerous sporting hobbies.

Lifecoaching for me can encompass my passion for travel, meeting new, like-minded people, helping others achieve their dreams and maintaining a professional outlook to all my work.

So in answer to my brother’s questions; I do have direction for my career but I need to work on my specific goals. I do try to complete many tasks at once, but I strive on this fast paced challenge. Running a business alongside my studies and sports is hugely rewarding. What will I be doing in 5 years? If I were to write a list of all I’d like to achieve in that time, it would take several hours! Instead, I like to focus on small steps to achieving my annual goals. This makes the targets less intimidating and changes can be made along the way if necessary. Does this matter if my aims differ from my partners? I believe it is healthy to have both individual and joint goals. Our business goals are very much united, our overall life aims match. To have separate plans for personal challenges and ambitions creates healthy time apart. Finally, I may not take enough time to relax, but I very much intend to plan this in over the year!

Always listen to wise advice from others, deciding on your own thoughts and not distracting yourself from your well-thought out plans.

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